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Saturday, April 27, 2024
Doors | 7pm // Show | 8pm
$28.80 to $32

A Band Of Brothers isn’t just an Allman Brothers tribute band; they’re a powerhouse, uniting the top-tier talent of the East Coast. The brainchild of ace Boston guitarists Ryan Taylor and Johnny Trama, this collective, more than a mere homage, harness the Allman Brothers tradition as a vehicle to bring a unique and exciting experience every night.  The ensemble features artists from an array of bands including – North Mississippi Allstars , Pink Talking Fish, Neighbor, Dub Apocalypse, Peter Wolf’s Midnight Travelers, Dickey Betts Great Southern, Slightly Stoopid, Sonya Rae Taylor, Band of Killers and more.

Johnny Trama on guitar conjures up riffs and rhythms that speak volumes. His journey through the realms of rock, soul, and blues, playing with icons like Bettye LaVette and Jesse Dee, has armed him with a mystical musical prowess. Trama doesn’t just play the notes; he breathes life into them, channeling the Allman Brothers’ essence while infusing each chord with his own brand of magic.

Ryan Taylor on slide guitar spearheads the band with his exceptional talents. He is recognized as one of the finest slide guitarists in the country and a true paragon of musical diversity as a player. His journey, steeped in the rich and storied musical traditions of Austin and Nashville, saw Ryan honing his craft the old-fashioned way. In the band, his solos are like emotional odysseys, skillfully hijacking the Allman Brothers’ tunes and steering them to new heights.

Jesse Williams on bass is an alchemist of groove, spinning each note into a rhythmic tapestry. His Grammy-nominated escapades with the likes of Duke Robillard and Joe Louis Walker have endowed him with a bass prowess that’s both fluid and formidable. Williams’ playing isn’t just the backbone of the band; it’s the heartbeat, pulsing with the energy of the Allman Brothers’ timeless tunes.

Tom Arey behind the drums is nothing short of a powerhouse, orchestrating beats and fills with the finesse of a seasoned composer. His tenure with Peter Wolf’s Midnight Travelers has honed a style that’s explosive yet eloquent, much like the Allmans’ own percussive legends. Arey’s drumming is the thunder beneath the band’s lightning, driving their sound forward with unstoppable force.

Brendan Tommaney on percussion is a true artist, painting rhythms with a palette of beats and textures. Educated at the New England Conservatory of Music and seasoned with groups like Pink Talking Fish, Tommaney brings a jazz-infused sensibility that adds depth and dimension to the band’s sound. His percussion is a canvas of creativity, coloring outside the lines of the Allman Brothers’ classic compositions.

Matt Zeiner began his professional music career touring with Matt “Guitar” Murphy, who exposed him to a fusion of blues and jazz. His career took a significant turn in 2000 when Dickey Betts of the Allman Brothers Band recruited him as a keyboardist and vocalist, leading to a fruitful collaboration and tour. Zeiner’s own songwriting flourished during this time, contributing notably to the band’s repertoire. After four years touring, he returned home, focused on original material, and formed his own band. They achieved recognition with their 2007 release, “Live on a Summer Night,” and continued to evolve through collaborations with artists like Melvin Sparks and Jeff Pevar. Zeiner’s band has since been working on an ambitious new album, showcasing his ability to craft infectious melodies with tight, dynamic arrangements across a range of soul, R&B, and rock genres.

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