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What’s the difference between a fiddle and a violin? In the hands of  connecting her American, Irish traditional, jazz, blues, and
          a celebrated guest soloist with over 50 Symphony Orchestras, who  world roots.
          also shreds electric fiddle through fuzz, wah and looping effects …  Eileen’s most recent CD, Beyond the Bog Road and its
          who is called “the future of the Celtic Fiddle” by the Washington  extensively researched sixteen-page liner notes focus on the
          Post, and “the Jimi Hendrix of the violin” by the New York Times …
                                                                     influences of the Celtic tradition on Roots music (bluegrass,
          who is Bronx born, yet the 9-time All-Ireland Fiddle Champion,
                                                                     French-Canadian, Cajun, Appalachian, Americana) and how
          what’s the difference? Nothing, in the hands of Eileen Ivers.  the music journeyed on to become a fundamental ingredient
          Grammy®-Awarded and Emmy-nominated, Eileen Ivers, continues  of the American country music tradition. Irish Music Magazine
          to push the fiddling tradition boundaries from a folk music staple to  called it “a triumph …a musical Magnus-Opus” and the album
          a fiercely fresh, powerfully beautiful, intensely driving world stage  reached number one on the Alt-Country Roots Music Chart.
          experience. Eileen has performed with Sting, ‘Fiddlers 3’ with Nadja  Eileen’s new, energetic, joyous and passionate band, Universal
          Salerno-Sonnenberg and Regina Carter, Patti Smith, Al Di Meola,  Roots, connect music, cultures, stories and emotions that tie
          and The Chieftains. She was the groundbreaking Musical Star of  us together …celebrating the fact that we are more alike than
          Riverdance, a founding member of Cherish the Ladies, a former  dissimilar. Music truly is the universal language. The
          member of the Hall & Oates band, a featured instrumentalist on  ensemble, with a broad array of instrumentation, features
          soundtracks including “Gangs of New York” and "Back to Titanic”  Matt Mancuso (lead vocals, guitar, trumpet, fiddle), Buddy
          and she is one of the most awarded All-Ireland Fiddle and Banjo  Connolly (button accordion, whistles, piano, vocals), Lindsey
          champions ever. Eileen has been proclaimed “a national treasure” by  Horner (upright and electric bass, baritone sax, vocals), Dave
          NCTA Board Chairman George Holt as she celebrates her 30 plus  Barckow (lead vocals, percussion, guitar), together with Eileen
          year career as a performer, composer, producer, songwriter, band  on fiddle, mandolin, banjo, bodhran, and live looping.
          leader, educator, multi-instrumentalist and renowned pioneer in

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