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S  P  O  N  S  O  R  S  H I  P    L  E  V  E  L  S

                 WHAT YOUR
                  WHAT YOUR



                 at the Spire Center for Performing Arts

                 The Spire Center for Performing Arts, is a


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                 nonprofit organization dedicated to supporting
                 the arts in the vibrant South Shore community
                 and beyond.
                 Located in the heart of downtown Plymouth,
                 The Spire serves as a creative mecca for
                 residents and tourists alike, presenting a wide


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                 variety of high quality concerts from local and
                 national touring artists.
                 Valuing community partnership, The Spire also
                 offers live theatre and dance performances
                 along with educational programs year round.
                 Being a cornerstone for the arts in addition to


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                 serving as a point of pride for its residents, The
                 Spire Center provides an economic boost to
                 Plymouth’s bustling historic downtown area
                 shops and restaurants.
                 Powered by your sponsorship, The Spire Center
                 is provided the means to continue to provide


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                 quality arts performances to the South Shore
                 community and beyond. With your affinity for
                 music and knowledge of the impact the creative
                 arts have on the human experience, your gift
                 allows us to create something special here at
                 the Spire. Thank you for making a difference.
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                                                                    S  P I  R  E     C  E  N  T  E  R    F  O  R     P  E  R  F  O  R  M  I N  G     A  R T  S     |     P  A  G  E    1
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