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Song Circle ft. Kim Moberg, Rod Abernethy, and Grace Morrison – Spire Lobby Series

Thursday, October 14
Show | 7:30pm // Doors | 6:30pm


This series showcases local and regional musicians in a relaxed and intimate setting. The lobby is transformed into a 70-seat showcase lounge. 

Kim Moberg

Award winning songwriter Kim Moberg was born in Juneau, Alaska, the daughter of a classical pianist mother of Alaskan Native Tlingit (People of the Tides) descent and a US Coast Guard veteran father from Kansas. Her Tlingit name is Ḵ'ashg̱é (Still and Shines) and she of the Raven (Yéil) moiety, Sea Pigeon (T'akdeintaan) clan.
Music was the constant in Kim's childhood, helping her to adjust to the frequent moves associated with growing up in a military family. From the sounds of Beethoven to Johnny Cash, Dave Brubeck to Hank Williams, and Bob Evans to David Bowie, the love of all genres of music has been ingrained in her soul. 

Rod Abernathy

Rod Abernethy is a unique blend of an authentic southern folk troubadour, master acoustic guitarist and award winning composer for film, TV and video games. Rod's new album Normal Isn’t Normal Anymore is produced by Grammy nominated producer Neilson Hubbard (Mary Gauthier, Kim Richey, Glen Phillips) with star performances from some of Nashville's finest including Will Kimbrough on guitar.

The album includes a collection of very personal songs that Rod penned while on the road last year. The title song “Normal Isn’t Normal Anymore” was written over a year ago and since the pandemic hit last March, the song has taken on a whole new meaning. In "Another Year", Rod tells real life stories of everyday people, the personal challenges they face and how we all need help from each other to get through those challenges. Sometimes a challenge turns into a blessing as with Rod’s song from the lighter side of life with his “Birds In The Chimney”. It’s a tale about chimney swifts that hi-jack Rod’s chimney and party like it’s Woodstock. With such a happy ruckus they eventually turn Rod’s frown into a smile and leave what was once a lonely house into a happy home again. Rod’s song “My Father Was A Quiet Man” is a poignant and loving tribute to his father and reminds us how much a father can care for his family without using words to tell them. The album also features two of Rod’s cool and frenetic guitar instrumentals like “Over The Fence”, a rollicking 6-string instrumental adventure about the family coonhound who jumps the fence and roams the downtown area for hours.

Grace Morrison

Grace Morrison has spent most of her musical career seeking refuge from the spotlight. Whether it was singing backup for rock icons like Eddie Money and Joey Molland (of the band Badfinger), or trying to blend in with various bandmates, being the center of attention has never been comfortable for her. Fast forward to 2020, and just like for most of us, a lot of time was spent deciding what she really wanted after being told what she couldn’t do – in her case, play music for people.

With new album, Daughter, Morrison establishes herself as a confident, refreshing voice in country-pop. The 12-song collection is certain to find favor with fans of the storytelling and delivery of Jewel and Lisa Loeb, as well as with those who enjoy singing along with Boyz II Men on their car stereo.